SelfieMark iPhone App For Sharing Selfies Comparing Pics | Review

SelfieMark, with the name you can guess. Its an app that’s dedicated for selfie lovers. It allows you to take selfies and post it. Not just mere posting, SelfieMark allows to share with a single click just like Instagram, you can select or click your perfect selfie by adding effects to it and there’s large

Line2 iPhone And iPad App Helps You To Get A Free Private Number | Review

Line2 is an award winning VoIP service available for (iOS, Android and Windows) which works fine with Wi-Fi, 3G/4G. Line2 is like having a separate number for personal or business use. We can use this service  for calling, texting, sending MMS and sending SMS just like any normal number. As while using the app we

Selfie Camera app For Android| SelfieMark With Polls Feature Review

In this world there is a greater craving of being present everywhere in this world. This unusual craving of being Omni present is completed through social media. There are many ways through which people can be online on the system. Today we will talk about an application that will allow you to share images with

Funky Boys A Special Android Chat App For Boys | Review

There are millions of android apps now and they always try to grab the attention of an android owner to install them onto their mobile. To be frank, there is almost even a single app related to every subject i.e. shopping, traveling, money transfer etc. Now it’s time to throw light on some of the

Line2 Android App Offers Free Cloud Phone Number With VoIP And MMS

Growth occurs to those who work twenty four seven for it. There is always a dependency on communication devices in this distant large place known as the earth to make it a small place. Now usually a person carries a single SIM card phone, and obviously one SIM card means one phone number. Having one

Cute vs Evil The Original Swipe and Pop iPhone or iPad Game Review

Cute vs Evil the original swipe and pop game from the house of TiTon ApS. It is a free swipe and pop game available for iOS 8 or plus however, there are some in app purchase available which you can check. According to the makers of Cute vs Evil, it is World’s first Swipe and

Little Traders For iPhone or iPad Game Review

With the name traders, you know what the game will be about. The basic concept of the game is you play as a trader and grow your own brokerage. It gives you the experience of a virtual stock market. You can buy and sell stocks and increase your assets. The retro 32 bit graphics is

Headlne iPhone App Brings You Real Time Headlines From Around The World

Headlne app, the name sounds weird but what it does is way more than what you think. This iPhone application is a new way to catch up with the latest happenings round the world. The articles in it are updated live just after the occurrence by providing real time headlines. With a team of professional

CareMob iPhone App Helps You To Unite Or Support For A Cause | Review

Talking about CareMob, this is definitely one of a kind app that is available in this category. The category cannot be completely explained but with an example of an website, we can say is for the filing of petitions whereas this app is for creating protests or to bring peace in the country. With

Cleopatra Slot Machines Free Android Game | Review

Playing games on an android device! yeah, its an awesome feeling, right? There are a lot of people along with me who have bought android devices only to play the android games. There is nothing wrong in supporting the android games and there are tons of existing games and every one have its same priority.