Best Top Free VPN Firefox [Mozilla] Addons For Windows 10, Mac, Linux

VPN is Virtual Private Network that is used to protect data theft from the Internet. VPN’s can also be used to access restricted content by Government in a region. These are available as Software, and these are also available as the Add-ons for Browsers and in this article some of the best free add-ons for Firefox Browser.

What is Firefox Add-ons:-

Add-ons are the extra extensions for the Mozilla Firefox to add additional functionality to the Browser. These Add-ons can be downloaded from the various websites but the add-on should be compatible with the Browser’s version, or it can be downloaded/purchased from the Mozilla’s official website.

Just goto this link and download add-ons and it will automatically get installed and gets ready to use.

VPN Addons:-

Here is the list of some Addons for Mozilla Firefox Browser:

• ProxMate:-


It allows to Browse the web with Confidently, Easily, Privately and Securely. This VPN works with a small number of websites, but here comes the good news many famous websites supported like Hulu, Youtube, and Grooveshark.ProxMate provides many servers across the world. The download this add-on just visit this site and download it, after downloading it will automatically get installed and the ProxMate VPN works without any user interaction just goto this site it will automatically tunnel your device to connect to the website.

• Hoxx VPN Proxy:-


It unblocks the blocked sites, hides your location and encrypts the connection for free. It provides the 100 servers all around the world, and it also protects from malicious websites that can damage your system. To download this add-on goto this link and click “ Add to Firefox” it will get installed and you don’t have to do any configuration, all you need is a valid hoxx account, and you are all done. It will encrypt all of your connections and data that is transmitted from the browser to the target website.

• Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy – Unblock Sites:-


This is one of the easy to use with a simple switch to turn on the VPN without the need of any account with unlimited bandwidth. It is most downloaded add-on on the Firefox with over 500 million downloads. It will easily connect you to the many popular websites like Facebook, Twitter with just one click with making your browser activity secure and safe. To download Hotspot Shield goto this link and click “Add to Firefox”, after installation you will have the icon in toll bar area just click Hotspot shield icon and click Connect it will tunnel your device.

• SetupVPN Lifetime Free VPN:-


This VPN is also able to connect you to the website by tunneling your device with one click it changes your IP and location. It provides unlimited bandwidth, and it is Free for everyone and Lifetime. It gives 100 servers across the world to let you connect to the fastest server. You just have to download the Add-on, and you need to create an account and you are done, no technical knowledge required. It even unblocks the streaming services and messenger service like Facebook, Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, etc. It provides a 4096-bit military grade encryption. To download this add-on go here.

• Windscribe:–


Free VPN and Ad Blocker:- Windscrible is a desktop application and also an extension for Firefox browser to provide the VPN service that helps to safeguard the privacy and identity online. With the VPN service, Windscribe is also able to block the Ads on the websites. With Windscribe you have the option to Block ads and trackers, Circumvent censorship and remove geo-restrictions, Break-out of corporate and government firewalls, and you can also earn money by using its feature of Content sharing via This is also Free to use to download Windscribe go here.

All of the mentioned VPN Add-ons are supported by the latest version of Mozilla Firefox; each VPN provides the common services with some of their extra featured supplied by the company like Ad blocking, Fast servers and easy to use features. The VPN is becoming a small but useful thing to use to protect ourselves from the online world of data theft while choosing VPN we need to focus on some of the stuff like its service and encryption quality and these all VPN’s are providing you both and also for free.

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