Best Free US Lottery Ticket Scanning Apps for iPhone, iPad 2024

Many people get confused with the term Lottery. They believe that lotteries are not real and they will never win it. Well, a lot of people across the globe have earned millions of dollars through lottery ticketing. These days, you can now play the same lotteries on your smartphone. The best lottery ticket scanning apps for iPhone are listed here.

Mobile users can now take part in various lottery programs using the compatible apps. Thankfully, a number of lottery ticketing apps present on the App Store for iOS users. If you love to try out your luck, then you must follow this list to pick the most reliable lottery ticket scanning app for your iOS device.

The 5 Best Lottery Ticket Scanning Apps for iPhone

  • Texas Lottery

Texas Lottery app serves as a user-friendly interface where users can scan for the lottery tickets to know about the names of the winners. The same app lets you know about the jackpot details and more. Moreover, you can save your lucky number to play the best lottery in the future to earn real money through it.

The app lets you scan the barcode and scratch the ticket digitally to know about the status. You are also allowed to create your own play by picking up your lucky number. The app is associated with mega groups of lottery playing clubs and keep on updating things here.

Besides this, users can locate the licensed lottery ticket retailers using the built-in map. It gives you the best of knowledge and a fun environment to play and win your lottery money.

Download Texas Lottery

  • CA Lottery Official app

Official California’s Lottery App has been upgraded with a bunch of new features with an improved design. You will get a brand new look with an organized menu to see the details about various ticketing retailers and their results.

The app lets you check if your ticket is winning or not. It also displays the names of the winners along with their ticket numbers. The built-in hot-spot draws automatic results every four minutes. With the auto-sign function, users can sign in to the app by launching it.

Interactive retailer locator lets you locate the trusted ticket retailers across the state and the city. You can reach out to them to buy the tickets for the future. It’s a free app and you can try it out now from the official App Store.

Download CA Lottery Official App

  • LottoMonkey

LottoMonkey is one of the most popular ticket checker apps for lottery lovers. The app is designed to give you the best of information with real-time updates about your lottery tickets. With a built-in scanner function, the app lets you scan the barcode of your ticket to let you know about the status.

The app lets you scan tickets easily with the scanner function. It also lets you set multi draws to share with your friends and relatives within the app. You can also obtain the information about the jackpots and winning numbers right on the home screen.

The clean dashboard of the app allows you to collect the information about the tickets, winning tickets, jackpots, and more with a simple add function. It’s a free-to-use app and is compatible with your iOS device. Get it now!

Download LottoMonkey

  • Colorado Lottery

Colorado Lottery is designed for all types of individuals who want to try their luck. The app comes with an easy-to-use interface that lets anyone use the different features and functions of the app efficiently.

With this app, users can scan scratch tickets and jackpot tickets with the default scanning feature. It also sends you regular updates with the latest jackpot updates on the home screen. You can locate the nearest lottery ticket retailers by visiting the Find Retailer function.

Besides this, you can also enter the jackpot draws, can manage the lottery section on your own. It’s a free app and designed to work for all iPhone users. Give it a try now!

Download Colorado Lottery

  • Arizona Lottery

Arizona Lottery is yet another useful app to stay up to date with your lottery ticket information. The app lets you scan your lottery tickets and sends real-time updates on your mobile phone’s screen. It comes with a lot of customization options to customize and draw your plans.

The app includes a set of additional fast play games that lets you win money and points together. You can redeem the earned money to buy things or can withdraw it to your bank account. The app keeps on updating the winning numbers and other information, you will never miss out on anything.

The app serves a user-friendly interface and packs with innovative features that give you extra income with regular updates and offers. Try out the free app now!

Download Arizona Lottery


These are the best lottery ticket scanning apps available for iPhone. If you love to engage yourself in this profession, then you should install the suitable lottery ticket scanning app right now on your iPhone to stay updated with the latest offers and updates. Explore the list, collect the information and pick the one that suits your needs.

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